Corpseboy's Cocktails

Equal parts smoky mezcal and Amaro Nonino

Corpseboy's Cocktails

A variation on Game Set Match.

2 oz Smoky Mezcal

1/2 Carpano Antica (Or a sweet vermouth)

1/2 Cynar

Add a fancy cherry for garnish (Luxardo, etc.)

Stir till really cold

Corpseboy's Cocktails

Finally, a cocktail worthy of the name…

1.5 ounces super smoky Mezcal

.25 ounces Luxardo Cherry liqueur

.25 or a bit more of Cynar

Build on a rock and stir til cold…

So easy, and so delicious…

1 1/2 ounce smoky scotch

3/4 ounce dry vermouth

3/4 ounce Cynar

Build on a rock and stir till cold…

Corpseboy's Cocktails

From my friend Kristian, so good!

2oz Makers

1/4oz Benedictine

1/4oz Luxardo

Dash of Peychaud’s bitters

Stir 30 times in ice

Strain into a coupe glass

Corpseboy's Cocktails

Equal parts Ancho Reyes Original Chile Liqueur and Rye

Stir with ice until chilled

Strain and serve in a tall shot glass.

Corpseboy's Cocktails

Equal parts Bourbon (or Rye) and Amaro Nonino Quintessentia

Stir on ice until chilled

Serve in a coupe glass with a Luxardo Cherry

Corpseboy's Cocktails

2 ounces, bottled-in-bond bourbon (Evan Williams is what I use)

.5 ounces Benedictine

Heat in the microwave for 10-15 seconds (at the max!)


Image of Bad Urine Sample

Easy, tasty shot with a horrible name. (Don’t ask.)

Like PBJ ice cream … made out of whiskey.

Simple ingredients:

1.5 oz Skrewball™ Peanut Butter Whiskey (From the freezer!)

.5 oz Haering Cherry Liquour or Luxardo Cherry Liquor

Pour the Skrewball™ into the shot. Gently add the cherry liquor and it settles on the bottom of the glass. Done!

Corpseboy's Cocktails

My personal favorite when I have a cold

Simple ingredients:

2 oz. Fernet Branca

1 Ricola™ Original Herb cough drop

Serving suggestion:

  1. Place the Ricola™ Original Herb cough drop in an aperitif glass
  2. Fill with Fernet Branca

Conversely, you can suck on a Ricola™ Original Herb cough drop while sipping Fernet Branca