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is a producer of experimental music living in Kansas City, MO. From his secret base in the Midwest, he spends his time traveling the world seeking out the best vegan food, cocktails, and producing music.

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Corpseboy's Cocktails


Equal parts smoky mezcal and Amaro Nonino
Corpseboy's Cocktails

Flame. Set. Match.

A variation on Game Set Match. 2 oz Smoky Mezcal 1/2 Carpano Antica (Or a sweet vermouth) 1/2 Cynar Add a fancy cherry for garnish (Luxardo, etc.) Stir till really cold
Corpseboy's Cocktails

The Corpseboy

Finally, a cocktail worthy of the name... 1.5 ounces super smoky Mezcal .25 ounces Luxardo Cherry liqueur .25 or a bit more of Cynar Build on a rock and stir til cold...

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